Finishing Touch Drywall

Building Dreams Together

Welcome To The Finishing Touch Website

Finishing Touch Drywall serves in the Calgary area. Specializing in projects from residential repairs or renovations to mid size Commercial buildings or large costume houses, we are there for our customers. With almost 20 years in the trade we have the experiences and desire to deliver top quality drywall products on time, at a fair cost. 

Custom houses

We offer complete drywall, tape, and spray ceilings for your costume home. Utilizing the most modern drywall techniques. We use a large variety of materials providing options for our customers to select whats "just right" for their vision.

  Lets build dreams together, Your dream house that is.


Commercial drywall systems require; focus and understanding to successful construct the components as per manufacture spec. This ensures you receive the full potential of your product. This is something we hold very important at Finishing Touch Drywall, DOING THE JOB RIGHT.

Our Goal 

We take the steps necessary ensuring that our clients receive a top quality product, While understanding options that help meet both construction requirements as well as cost and time constraints. Customer satisfaction is our success.